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Insights into manufacturing issues in the UK

At the Manufacturing Professors’ Forum on Monday, 25th June, we heard a number of first-hand insights and challenges from David Sprent, Logistics VP for the UK and Ireland at Unilever. David explained to the audience what these challenges mean for the industry and for the UK manufacturing base. 1. Changing consumer habits, in particular click … Continue reading

The End of Consultancy…

This is Unipart’s claim (see http://theunipartway.com/ ). They cite a survey of FTSE CEOs that suggests consultancy led interventions don’t sustain performance improvement and suggest that the are better ways of improving performance and delivering change through performance improvement by engaging your people? What do you think?

4,000 avoidable deaths a year

Accident and Emergency (A&E) are back in the headlines again. Mortality rates are higher at weekends costing some 4,400 lives a year according to a dossier being prepared by NHS England. It is being suggested that this is because of:- Shortage of senior doctors at weekends Rising numbers of readmissions being caused by patients being … Continue reading

The usefulness of performance measures over time

What is the value of performance measures over time? As time goes by, measures improve but performance doesn’t. People get better at improving the measures but no performance. Why is that? We had a discussion about this paradoxical phenomenon recently at the CBP. Monica Franco-Santos, one of the members of the CBP, neatly summarizes the … Continue reading

KPI Fixation and the importance of the measures

I observed a roundtable discussion the week before last attended by some very senior finance professions, CFOs and Financial Directors in the main. As I left some one comment to me about how “KPI fixated” they all were. But then last week I came across the Science and Universities Minister, David Willetts bemoaning how Business … Continue reading

Generosity: The greatest untapped source of performance in organisations?

Here’s a new take on performance management that is sure to be the cause of debate: Adam Grant’s “revolutionary approach” for fostering high work performance. The trick, according to Grant, professor of management at Wharton School, lies in encouraging employees to become more generous. Sounds too nice? Too good to be true? Well, Grant is … Continue reading