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Strategy without measurement – a recipe for failure

Why does so much strategy fail? There are lots of reasons around commitment, leadership and resourcing, but one sure fire way of failing is not using performance measurement.So: Strategy needs clarify of direction and performance measurement gives you this.The measures you choose let the organisation know where you are going. Strategy needs to define what … Continue reading

Take the blindspots out of your decision-making!

One of the modules I teach at Cranfield University’s Executive MSc in Managing Organisational Performance is about improving organisational decisions, in particular those relating to measuring and managing performance. There is a great need in corporations to find out how to improve decision-making, and know how to actually implement the small but often critical steps … Continue reading

No basic training in the NHS? Could you forget to train one third of your staff!

Journalist Camilla Cavendish has just finished her review of care and patient safety in the NHS looking particularly at the issue of care. It is really interesting that this job has been given to a journalist, which speaks volumes about the NHS, but her report and findings can only be welcomed. Let me make some … Continue reading