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On time trains

You and yours on Radio 4 today has debated the meaning of on-time for UK train companies. For short journeys trains counted on-time can be up to 5 minutes late and for longer journeys the margin of error increases to 10 minutes. There is now a discussion about producing real time data about whether the … Continue reading

Goals – are they good for you?

In the academic literature there is a debate about the importance of goals. Lock and Latham have argued that the research into the importance of goals in performance is amongst the most researched and replicable findings in the whole management literature. However, Demming and many of his followers in the quality literature have railed against … Continue reading

Personal Performance in Organisations – A Thought for the Day

In his Thought for the Day on 19th August Clifford Longley used the example of extra powers given to the police to fine inconsiderate drivers in order to explore three main systems of ethics in Western thought. “There is consequentialism, which in motoring terms means not causing injury or damage by having accidents; there is … Continue reading

A closer look at how Mindfulness affects Performance in Organisations

Mindfulness, a purposeful, flexible, and open state of attention and awareness of the present moment, has received a great deal of publicity lately. The reason: Mindfulness is linked to higher level functioning and people’s increased ability to focus their attention in a dynamic, task-focused way. This, in turn, is deemed to increase performance. What makes … Continue reading

Safety – should you listen to your staff and customers?

There have been two stories in the news recently. Firstly there was the Dispatches programme on Channel 4 last night called “Secrets from the Cockpit” around safety concerns being raised by Ryanair pilots. Then this morning the Telegraph lead with the headline “Patients ‘failed by toxic NHS cocktail’” where the health service Ombudsman is quoted … Continue reading

Big Data, Positive Psychology and Managing Performance by Looking Forward

Recently, I attended the 3rd World Congress on Positive Psychology in Los Angeles, where Marty Seligman, the co-founder of Positive Psychology, gave a talk that relates to performance management. Positive Psychology has been around for a dozen or so years, after Seligman popularised the idea that knowing what heals someone who is (psychologically) wounded (to … Continue reading