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Is Britain open for business?

Ed Miliband’s call for energy prices to be frozen does have serious consequences for the energy sector. We already have the issue of a price stand off between EDF and the government, stalling the investment in the next generation of nuclear power stations, so uncertainty in the rest of the market is not going to … Continue reading

It should never happen again – but it will!

Guest blog from Dr Mike Lauder, Visiting Fellow at Cranfield’s Centre for Business Performance: Today I sat in a field in Cumbria waiting for the rain to pass. To pass the time I spent the day reading news reports about yet another inquiry that seemed to suggest the last one made little difference.  A little … Continue reading

How do I know?

After the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust tragedy and the 400 recommendations in the subsequent Francis report, how can a non-executive director on a trust board have confidence that the operation they are overseeing is being run properly? At yesterday’s Public Sector Performance Roundtable, Paula Higson presented the six questions she has developed through working with … Continue reading

Ryanair, easyJet – What do the numbers mean?

Yesterday Ryanair announced that their bookings over the summer were less than expectation and their forward bookings for September and October were not as strong as expected. Michael O’Leary was quoted as this being due to the weather, competition and the impact of austerity measures in the Euro-zone. Today we have Easyjet reporting record numbers … Continue reading

Nuclear energy – at what price?

The government and EDF Energy have been locked in negotiations over the future price that will be paid for the electricity produced by the next generation of nuclear power stations and the current standoff means that the whole project is stalled. Today Sir John Armitt has stepped into the debate (as reported in the papers) … Continue reading

Two bits of good news for the economy!

Do we now have non-governmental quantitative easing? Vodafone’s sale of their share in Verizon Wireless is going to raise some US $130 billion and a large proportion looks to be destined to be returned to shareholders. Then we have compensation for miss selling of products to small businesses, who are also due to get a … Continue reading