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When we forget what is critical amongst our success factors

I recently needed to remind myself about the construct of critical success factors.  As a result of my inquiries I stumbled upon, what I shall call, academic drift. Most of us will be familiar with the idea of strategic drift: many will also be familiar with the Harvard academic Scott Snook’s construct of practical drift. … Continue reading

Where do your people work? What do they do? Are they effective?

At the CIPD performance management conference today, Jabbar Sardar HR & OD Director of Cafcass described the journey they have taken dealing with Child Protection cases in the wake of the Baby “P” catastrophe. In the last 4 years, individual social works’ case load have risen from 12 to 35, as the result of more … Continue reading

Taking out the performance review

At the CIPD performance management conference today, Simon McDougle explained how and why Adobe took out the annual performance review. Why would you do that? Simply, the negative impact and poor morale it was causing was unsustainable and the spike of talent leaving immediately after the review period was indicative of the impact it was … Continue reading

Do you look at the shape of your data?

We ran the PMA Symposium 2013 in Scotland at the end of last week; it was an eclectic mix of academics and practitioners working in the field of performance measurement and management. One issue that raised its ugly head (and has been reinforced by the latest international comparisons in the press over the poor numeracy scores … Continue reading

Decision Making Processes

Decision Making Processes In a recent paper (Kester et al, 2011) on Portfolio management decision making processes, the researchers identified three different processes: – Evidence based, where firms use objective information and empirical evidence as part of building an objective decision-making rationale Power based, where the distribution of power enables an individual or group to … Continue reading

Is your organisation run by HiPPOs?

HiPPOs, are not an endangered species. What are HiPPOs? They are the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion.  This was a term coined yesterday at the effective performance measurement and management workshop in London by Gillian Porter, Head of Performance and Analysis at Durham Constabulary. HiPPOs may be right, their experience and gut feel may be correct, … Continue reading