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Where do your people work? What do they do? Are they effective?

At the CIPD performance management conference today, Jabbar Sardar HR & OD Director of Cafcass described the journey they have taken dealing with Child Protection cases in the wake of the Baby “P” catastrophe. In the last 4 years, individual social works’ case load have risen from 12 to 35, as the result of more and more children being taken into care whilst staff numbers have reduced by some 15%.  This has been done with increasing levels of quality too.

How have they done that? Partly this is through staff development and the proactive management of absence, but a large part is through the use of technology. The implementation of 4G lap tops has changed the discussion from “where you are?” to “what have you done?” Instead of carrying a case load of files into court and waiting for the judge, it is all now on a tablet and if the judge is delayed, the case worker can continue working. In fact case workers can work from anywhere in the world. There is even evidence that being able to work from anywhere has reduced the sickness rate.

By combining this with a personal employee scorecard, where employees can see their performance against their team, their area and nationally on cases, quality, absence and nearly everything else, they have created a culture and practice of high performance.

This is another good third sector example of innovative and effective performance management practice.

Mike Bourne



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