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The Plowman Effect and the Importance of the Big Picture

It is one of those givens in life that the law is a social good as are oxygen and water. However, if we have too much oxygen things are likely to explode. If there is too much water we are likely to drown. The Fog of Law, a report produced by the Policy Exchange, provides … Continue reading

How to annoy your customers

As business people we’re all very keen to gather information from our customers and to ask them what they think about us.  It all makes good sense. I do it myself.  As a customer, however, I sometimes get very irritated when companies seek this information, particularly if it takes too much of my precious time … Continue reading

The rush to pay for performance

I am currently running a strategy and performance management programme in Indonesia and I am struck again by the rush to attach individual rewards to the achievement of performance measurement targets. This isn’t simply a South East Asian issue, although it is prevalent amongst the delegates here, as many of these issues were raised at … Continue reading

Birmingham children’s services: can we audit our way to performance improvement?

I have a chartered accountant friend who described auditors as “those who turn up once the battle is over and bayonet the wounded!” His comment left an indelible picture in my mind that has stayed with me ever since. But to be serious, what is the purpose and roll of an audit? Put simply, it … Continue reading