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Are mortality rates a good measure of hospital performance?

On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning there was a discussion about the value of mortality statistics published for NHS hospitals and whether mortality rates are a good measure of hospital performance? The person who has been asked by the NHS to review their use told the BBC that they can give a misleading … Continue reading

Mindfulness and Performance at Cranfield: What are we doing and what do we know

Over the last year, I’ve introduced several hundred executives and postgraduate students to the concept of mindfulness, our capacity to pay attention to the present situation with the intention to remain open, curious, and flexible before judging the situation. The response to these introductory mindfulness sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. It seems that mindfulness is … Continue reading

Data quality and data integrity

At yesterday’s Business Performance Roundtable we spent a lot of time looking at examples where the use of data created actionable insight with the help of David Anker from Lightfoot Solutions and Alan Meekings from Landmark Consulting. But one of the key issues was around data. Is it good data and do we trust it? … Continue reading