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Customer service and the end of the recession

I suggested in a recent blog that I didn’t think that the end of the recession was going to be good for all businesses. Some have thrived in the recession but as we come out of recession, perhaps the new “new normal” won’t be beneficial for some and I believe we will continue to see … Continue reading

Health Targets a Blunt Instrument

 This morning on Radio 4’s Today programme, Clare Marx, the new President of the Royal College of Surgeons has argued for a review of the NHS 18 week GP referral to treatment target. She called the target a blunt instrument.   I didn’t think I would ever argue this, but I like it because it … Continue reading

Cranfield University to host 2014 Mindfulness at Work conference

 Cranfield University in Bedfordshire will host the 2014 Mindfulness at Work Conference on 23 September.  The conference aims to break new ground by evaluating the evidence base for mindfulness in the workplace from scientific, business, and practitioner perspectives.   Dr Jutta Tobias, Lecturer in Performance Management at Cranfield School of Management, who is organising the … Continue reading

Performance Measurement Analogies

 You have all probably heard of the first two analogies for scorecards and measurement systems, but i created the third after talking to an executive of a large multi-national company. A Balanced Scorecard is like having the instruments to fly a plane. Kaplan & Norton used to compare the 4 quadrants in a balanced Scorecard … Continue reading

Making Evidence-based Mindfulness at work happen: our Mindfulness at Work 2014 conference

Many of us discuss Mindfulness and its application to today’s workplace. Many of us debate the benefits it may bring to employees, the success stories and pitfalls we have seen in rolling out large-scale Mindfulness training programmes in organisations, the Mindfulness research we conduct or have read about. All of that is evidence. Evidence that … Continue reading