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£55 to diagnose Dementia

So Doctors are to be paid £55 to diagnose Dementia. Everyone is up in arms about introducing incentives into the doctor patient relationship, and i am sure, as are the protesters, that this intervention is going to increase the number of people diagnosed during the period when the bonus applies.  Is this a good idea? … Continue reading

Tesco and the Analysts

I teach a lot of executives and they always complain that the City is so focused on the short term – the next quarter’s results, the profit made in the coming year. I usually counter by stating how much of the value of a company is not tied up in its short term performance but … Continue reading

What is Economic Success?

Every day we see references to GDP and profit. Today, for example, we hear the World Bank has estimated that if the Ebola epidemic spreads beyond Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone to neighbouring countries Nigeria and Ivory Coast, the cost to those economies could be 3.3pc ($32.6bn) of the combined GDPs of those countries affected. … Continue reading