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NHS Targets – Is the System Failing?

by Dina Gray (Guest Author) Over the last few days the press have been preoccupied with the fact that there is great pressure on the A&E departments on the run up to Christmas with the BBC reporting that: the lowest percentage of patients seen within four hours since monitoring began in 2010 just under 90% … Continue reading

How Measures Drive Behaviours: UK Police failing to record a quarter of all sexual offences

by Pietro Micheli (Guest Author) Two weeks ago, a report produced by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary showed that more than 800,000 of all reported crimes (one in five) go unrecorded each year. As the report stated, “inspectors were told that pressure to hit crime reduction targets imposed by middle managers had the effect of … Continue reading

Measurement Madness

The new book “Measurement Madness: Recognizing and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Performance Measurement” by Dina Gray, Pietro Micheli and Andrey Pavlov has just hit the bookshops and is now available on Amazon. Time to catch up with the dark side of performance measurement, see the pitfalls and find out how to avoid them!