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Coordination, Can we do it Smarter?

Coordination is a word that we use frequently and think we understand. However, if my recent experience holds true, it is also a word that few are able to define clearly. If we are to be SMART about the way we manage our effort to coordinate, we need to be clear about what constitutes this … Continue reading

Research Fellow – Performance Analytics in Government Projects

Required to work in both London and Cranfield – you will work with the Cabinet Office, software suppliers, the Centre for Business Performance and the International Centre for Programme Management at Cranfield to analyse the Government’s major projects data and to create insight into practices and performance. The Cabinet Office receives quarterly returns on all … Continue reading

Stop Reorganising – Start Performing

This subject keeps coming up. Last time I was complaining about the fact that reporting lines don’t always help your delivery to the customer, but as we were discussing things at the Unipart Black Belt networking event today in Rugby, the conversations reminded me that it is worse than that. The fact is that when … Continue reading