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Quality assurance issues at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and systems thinking

Last year the quality care commission put Addenbrooke’s Hospital into special measures after their inspection. The good news is that the hospital is out of special measures and in January this year the overall rating was good. At the time of the initial report and the placement into special measures there was an outcry as … Continue reading

Systems-Thinking – Making it work for you – Part 2

“America first!”, says Donald Trump in his inauguration speech, exciting those who think this will create more jobs and strengthen the US economy. However, he doesn’t appear to understand that, in this context, the US is part of a wider “System” – a Global Trading System – and like it or not, there is an … Continue reading

Systems-Thinking – Making it work for you

“The National Health Service needs more money!” “Knife Crime is up! Stop & Search is down!” “We’re working flat out! We need more people!” “We’ve matched Resourcing against Demand, and we still can’t cope!” And, and, and …. These are comments and phrases, amongst many, demonstrating the frustrations in the perception of how well our … Continue reading

The future of operational performance management

It always fascinates me on my travels that almost every organisation I come across, be it public or private sector, seems to think that their way of reporting operational (as opposed to financial) performance is peculiar only to them, involves measures that were designed by committee, and requires the use of the latest and greatest … Continue reading