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The Future of Operational Performance Management – Part 2

The first post on this subject was posted on 9th January, which, some readers reminded me, promised answers to the questions asked. It compared Financial Performance Management (500 years and more of history) with Operational Performance Management (50 years of history – maybe). But first, we continue to hear every day about the trials and … Continue reading

Systems-Thinking – Making it work for you – Part 4 of 4

Jeremy Hunt was being interviewed on the radio Friday morning talking about wanting to deliver the best Healthcare System in the world. From a Systems-Thinking perspective, this would mean thinking about the way the public maintains its health, and how the public become patients and their pathway through GPs, Ambulance, Hospital etc. and then reintegration … Continue reading

Systems-Thinking – Making it work for you – Part 3

Jeremy Clarkson wrote in the Sunday Times about the shambolic state of executive decision-making: “…decision makers these days ….won’t actually make a decision until they’re confident they’ll get the credit if everything goes well, and someone else will get the blame if it doesn’t”. For those with BT shares – I wonder where the knowledge … Continue reading