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Book Review – The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis

If you have ever: Gambled – not just casino-style, but on a hunch, a business idea, a theory, a project etc. Interviewed for staff Negotiated anything from some money off at a store to a £multi-billion contract Tried to weigh the odds of one event happening versus another Are involved in any legal “encounters” And … Continue reading

Wombats, natural selection and survival

Below is the picture I took of a mother and her baby in Australia, but the story of how they survive really interested me. Their main predator is the dingo and you would think these soft fluffy things would be easy prey for a dingo, but actually wombats kill dingo! So how do they do … Continue reading

The Future of Operational Performance Management – Part 5/5

“We’ve only held up 3 banks this month”, says Bonnie, “Clyde, our target this month was 5 – get your a**e into gear and hit another 2 before the 31st !”. “You’ve used the ‘Tube’ 3 more times than average this week!”. “I’ve only visited my GP once this year – better get sick again!” … Continue reading

Long haul flights, the product and inflight service

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Australia. It’s an amazing place but has the drawback of being a very long way from the UK and getting there takes a long time.  I’ve done this trip a few times and even travelling in relative comfort towards the front of the plane you can sometimes … Continue reading

How we treat our workers

The BBC is publicising their story about the treatment of drivers in the Ikea supply chain. From the BBC report it appears that suppliers to Ikea are finding loopholes in the law to pay the drivers in their home country on their home country rates rather than meeting the minimum wage requirements of the countries … Continue reading

The Future of Operational Performance Management – Part 4

Einstein is quoted as saying “The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!”. I wonder if there is a converse quotation we can introduce, “Another definition of insanity: When there’s a perfectly good way of doing something, why keep re-inventing the wheel and expecting a better … Continue reading

The Future of Operational Performance Management – Part 3

Eleanor Roosevelt, an inspiring leader in her own right who, amongst other things, helped found UNICEF, is reported as saying “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”. Seems like common sense to me, but when it comes to looking at what things people measure in the … Continue reading