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Guards all along the watchtowers…

There may be some of you who are still around to recall that fabulous song by Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower.   So this week we’re looking at the siren and seductive song of “We’re putting in a new telematics system hooked up to a powerful new work assignment system” – that way … Continue reading

God’s Eye View

There are not many people who have not either read the book or seen the film Lord of the Rings. In that story, Sauron, the evil wannabe ruler of Middle Earth has his watchful eye over all (almost) his lands and over all (almost) its peoples… and we know what happened to him! “I want … Continue reading

Politics, Thai Queens and Leadership

Listening to a discussion about Theresa May’s leadership style on this morning’s Today programme made me think about some of the organisations I have worked in – and also a story I heard whilst on holiday in Thailand.  One of the speakers was talking about the problems of surrounding yourself with like-minded people, essentially building … Continue reading

The Use of Best Practice – the Well-trodden Path to Mediocrity?

This is likely to be controversial, so I look forward to any (evidence-based) comments readers may have that counter my colleagues’ and customers’ observations on the use of Best Practice (or Best Value, or Best anything else for that matter). The root-problem behind the use of so-called Best Practice is founded in one of our … Continue reading

Why Performance Reporting is NOT Performance Management! – Part 6/6

Numbers? Courtesy of Dilbert (Scott Adams 08 May 2008). Does it seem like Performance Reporting is using numbers that you can’t understand, can’t work out where they came from or are just plain different from the numbers you have in your spreadsheet? This is just one of the issues with Performance Reporting where the numbers … Continue reading