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Methods, Methods, and Methods… Part 1 of 2

How many times has a senior executive approached you and said, “We’re going to use Method ‘X’ to improve our business processes”? What flies through your mind when you hear this: “I didn’t know our business processes needed improving.” “What’s Method X?” “Why Method X, why not Method ‘Y’, and how do we know it’s … Continue reading

Infographics and every which way you can charts… Or the Life of Pie!

Something that I often find  troubling is people tell me, “David, you have to show people information in a way they can best consume it”.  My initial reaction was, “No, they have to understand the best way to understand what I’m saying is to use the charts I use to present that information”. But that … Continue reading

Going Digital

“Going digital is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.” So, a bit like “Big Data”, everyone is talking about it. We are exhorted by consulting firms like McKinsey to “upgrade our business to … Continue reading

Out of Context Decision-making… and the role of Critical Thinking in our schools

On the news we hear domestic violence has reached record levels – has it, or are the Police now treating it seriously and thus giving victims confidence that if they make a report to the police, they will actually get justice? All the time, we keep on hearing regulated organisations (ambulances, police, hospitals, banks, telecommunications … Continue reading