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Infographics and every which way you can charts… Or the Life of Pie!

Something that I often find  troubling is people tell me, “David, you have to show people information in a way they can best consume it”.  My initial reaction was, “No, they have to understand the best way to understand what I’m saying is to use the charts I use to present that information”. But that … Continue reading

Going Digital

“Going digital is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.” So, a bit like “Big Data”, everyone is talking about it. We are exhorted by consulting firms like McKinsey to “upgrade our business to … Continue reading

Out of Context Decision-making… and the role of Critical Thinking in our schools

On the news we hear domestic violence has reached record levels – has it, or are the Police now treating it seriously and thus giving victims confidence that if they make a report to the police, they will actually get justice? All the time, we keep on hearing regulated organisations (ambulances, police, hospitals, banks, telecommunications … Continue reading

Beyond Budgeting… A journey towards real customer service – Part 2 / 2

Last week, we introduced the idea of Beyond Budgeting and how it chimes with our work with Cranfield on “A Systems Approach to Project Management”. It challenges the current standard practice of setting rigid budgets on an annual (or longer term) basis and then tracking variance from budget month by month. This may seem scary … Continue reading

Gorilla Management

This fine fellow lives in La Vallée des Singes (the Valley of the Apes) in Vienne, France, where Pippa and I spent a wonderful day visiting the different apes and monkeys. But his presence reminded me of a conversation I had some time ago about Gorilla Management when running a programme in the Gambia. So … Continue reading

Beyond Budgeting… A journey towards real customer service

Over the past two years or so, a fellow Visiting Fellow – Steve Morlidge – has been introducing me to the term and benefits of “Beyond Budgeting”. This has provided one major “Ah-ha! Moment”. It also chimes with work we have done with Cranfield in developing what we call a “Systems Approach to Project Management” … Continue reading

Owen Green’s balanced performance system

Owen Green’s obituary appeared last week in the Daily Telegraph. He was the Chief Executive of BTR and took the company from an obscure enterprise to one of the most successful organisations of his day. During my early career, I worked for Serck and we were bought out by BTR in one strike to which … Continue reading

Forecasting – Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!

Niels Bohr, the Nobel laureate in Physics and father of the atomic model, is quoted as saying, “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!” This quote serves as a warning of the importance of testing a forecasting model out-of-sample. It’s often easy to find a model that fits the past data well … Continue reading

Is it worth the risk?

Recent events, namely the awful Grenfell Tower fire and its aftermath, prompted me to think about risk.  A common definition of risk is: “ a situation involving exposure to danger”. We all know that just to be alive is to expose oneself to danger, it can’t be avoided. Naturally we take steps to ensure we … Continue reading

Guards all along the watchtowers…

There may be some of you who are still around to recall that fabulous song by Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower.   So this week we’re looking at the siren and seductive song of “We’re putting in a new telematics system hooked up to a powerful new work assignment system” – that way … Continue reading